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Introducing the latest technology in infant sleep safety. The BabyCare Hero infant breathing and movement monitor is the only newborn monitor on the market that attaches directly to baby’s diaper for maximum accuracy. Enjoy brighter days and more restful nights with the BabyCare Hero monitor.

To use the BabyCare Hero, simply clip the breathing monitor to the top of baby’s diaper across his or her stomach. Then, flip the baby monitoring system switch to the “on” position to instantly begin monitoring your newborn’s breathing pattern. If a fifteen-second absence of movement is detected, the BabyCare Hero will emit an audible alarm and app alert to alert parents that baby needs attention. BabyCare guarantees the fewest false alarms due to the Hero’s advanced monitoring technology.

Unlike competing products, the BabyCare Hero is one simple piece of equipment that clips to baby’s diaper and does not require a movement mat or other monitoring aids. The BabyCare Hero is also the only infant movement monitoring system that is 100% portable! Monitor baby effortlessly while he or she is out of sight in a rear-facing car seat, or allow baby to sleepover at Grandma’s house without worry. The BabyCare Hero is battery-powered and clinically tested to be safe for all little ones. It emits no harmful frequency waves or radiation, tested and guaranteed.

Nine out of ten pediatricians recommend breathing and/or movement monitors to parents of premature babies (preemies.) We recommend the BabyCare Hero to any new parent who wishes to enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing their precious newborn is safe and sound! There is nothing more valuable than sleep in baby’s first year. The BabyCare Hero will help encourage parenting confidence and peace of mind, and is one of the best baby shower gifts a new parent could receive! Click here to buy the BabyCare Hero today!

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