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What’s on today’s agenda? White Hall High School’s schedule is constantly changing and can be difficult for students to remember. Sophomore John Smith decided to solve this timely problem by creating a scheduling tool on his self-engineered website, John utilized PHP, the ubiquitous front-end web programming language, to create an automatically updated, real-time schedule. […]

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Casey Key is an 8-mile-long barrier island off the coast of Nokomis between Sarasota and Venice. This underdeveloped and secluded gem has no high-rise condo buildings, only a few small motels, and tons of natural coastal beauty to enjoy. With minimal tourist activity and the majority of the island’s beach access restricted for private use, […]

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Introducing the latest technology in infant sleep safety. The BabyCare Hero infant breathing and movement monitor is the only newborn monitor on the market that attaches directly to baby’s diaper for maximum accuracy. Enjoy brighter days and more restful nights with the BabyCare Hero monitor. To use the BabyCare Hero, simply clip the breathing monitor […]

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As summer break winds down, vacation suitcases are unpacked, and the kids start stuffing their backpacks with supplies for a new year, you may notice your pet acting differently – what’s the deal? It’s not your imagination. This season of change can trigger behavioral issues for the entire family, and pets are no exception. We […]